About Us

We are a multi-disciplined family office, meaning that we have a complete team: 

the CPA and bookkeeper, to the Asset Protection Planners - all talking to and working with the Strategic Planner for the betterment of the client.

We specialize with retirees, or those nearing retirement, as well as with business owners and doctors. 

Our Clients


Retirees have entered a have unique phase of their lives-the distribution phase. The strategies used here are very different than when they are in the accumulation phase of their life. We help to bridge the gap and make sure retirees are making calculated and strategic distributions

Business Owners

Business Owners require a unique plan due to the nature of the business itself and the owner’s plan for their future. We work to design an exit strategy based on the desires of the client and then get to work putting that plan in motion.


Physicians require a unique plan due to the nature of their business itself and the liability that comes with it. While striving to protect their livelihood with asset protection strategies we work to design their future. In addition, we work to design an exit strategy for their retirement, whether near or far away.